FOFO Tubular Mattress


FOFO medical anti-decubitus mattress made of Taiwan Nanya / Dingzing (PVC/ TPU), One-time moulding for bubble type mattress. Tubular mattress is mainly for the treatment of woundcare solutions and healing of pressure Ulcers.



  • It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement.
  • It is an alternating system that employs durable shaped air tubes and control unit, which is designed for purpose to achieve good massage effect and blood circulation in the body tissue and to help alleviate the bed pressure sores for patients on long term medical treatment or for immobility.
  • Heavy duty bubble style pads uniformly heat sealed for longer term durability.
  • Frequent fluctuation massage. Improve and reduce the growth of bedsore.
  • Our mattress is mainly use for the patient who need lying on bed for long time, it can help them prevent bedsore and decubitus. Material is permeable and keep the skin dry and clean.
  • Low noise, with less than 20 decibels.



Item:HF601 Item: HF6002
Power Supply: 110V/220V/50-60Hz Standard Size: 80 “(L) x32-36 “(W) ;
Air Output: 6-8liter/min 4.5″ 18 cells
Pressure Range: 50mmHg – 120 mmHg Top cover: Nylon PU /strength
Cycle Time: 12min Air cells: Nylon / PVC/TPU
Power Consumption: 7 W ; Fuse: 1A Bottom: tarpaulin /nylon PU
Size: 27.5 (L) x13.5 (W) x 9 (H) cm Mattress weight : 5.5-6.5kg
Weight: 1.6 kg Weight Capacity: 135-145kg
CPC, Filter, fuse, hook, ventilate option ; Aluminium pump system / AB,ABC alternation option



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