Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery

  • The MEDISTROM PILOT -24 LITE CPAP travel battery offers reliable performance and features for users needing uninterrupted sleep therapy. Its lightweight design, extended power supply, dual USB ports, and smart technology – including its lightweight and compact form factor – provide convenience, flexibility, and safety whether traveling frequently, camping, or during power outages.


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    Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery

    For travellers in the UAE looking for uninterrupted sleep therapy while traveling, the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery is the thing to keep you going smoothly. Designed for convenience and compatibility when away from traditional power sources, this portable CPAP battery offers hassle-free power to keep their CPAP machine going when away from traditional ones – perfect if they prefer using one with the humidifier.

    Product Specification of Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery:

    Universal Compatibility: The Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery is designed for universal compatibility with most CPAP machines from leading brands like ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, and more.

    Long Battery Life: This portable CPAP battery features a large-capacity lithium-ion battery for extended battery life on every charge – helping ensure you sleep soundly even during extended trips! It was created to keep you sleeping soundly, no matter where life takes you.

    Versatile Output Ports: The Pilot-24 Lite’s universal output ports give you multiple ways to power your CPAP machine and charge other essential devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops simultaneously – keeping you connected and charged up while out and about. Stay set while keeping in contact!

    Compact and Lightweight: At only 1.8 pounds, this portable battery pack for CPAP machines is lightweight and easy to transport – an excellent travel companion!

    Dual Charging Options: With AC power and DC adapter available to recharge the battery, charging can be efficiently completed at home or while traveling.

    An Intuitive Battery Status Indicator: Our LED battery status indicator informs you of your battery’s charge level for peace of mind and effective planning of power usage.

    Air Travel Compatible: The Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery meets FAA regulations and is safe for use while flying. This ensures you can continue your sleep therapy treatments on an airplane journey.

    Safety Features: With safety features such as short-circuit protection, over-discharge protection, and overcharge protection built-in to this portable CPAP battery pack, both you and your CPAP machine are kept safe.


    Q1: Is the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery compatible with my CPAP machine?
    A1: The Pilot-24 Lite was created to be universally compatible with most CPAP machines from different manufacturers, such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel CPAP devices. For optimal results, it’s essential to check that it will work with your specific device, but typically, it works just fine.

    Q2: On an average charge, how many nights of CPAP therapy should I anticipate?
    A2: Our batteries’ large capacities enable multiple nights’ worth of therapy on each charge. Although the duration depends on your pressure settings and usage patterns, they are designed to deliver long-term power for your CPAP machine.

    Q3: Can this battery also charge other devices?
    A3: Absolutely! The Pilot-24 Lite features multiple output ports to charge other essential devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, alongside your CPAP machine – providing a versatile power solution perfect for travel needs.

    Q4: Can I take the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery on flights?
    A4: This portable CPAP battery complies with FAA regulations and allows for use during flights – whether short domestic trips or international journeys, your sleep therapy can continue uninterrupted!

    Q5: Can this device be safely used with my CPAP machine, including those equipped with humidifiers?
    A5: Yes, the Pilot-24 Lite was designed with safety in mind and includes essential features like short-circuit protection, over-discharge, and overcharge protection to provide reliable power supply to CPAP machines equipped with humidifiers, ensuring secure power distribution and reliability for users.

    Overall, the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Travel Battery in Astromed, UAE offers users an ideal portable solution for uninterrupted CPAP therapy during travel – its compact yet lightweight design makes it the perfect travel partner. At the same time, universal compatibility ensures it works with various machines (including those equipped with humidifiers). Don’t let travel interfere with your sleep therapy; invest in the Pilot-24 Lite today and experience uninterrupted rest during all your journeys.


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