10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator Rental


10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator Rental


Experience peace of mind and improved well-being with our 10-litre Oxygen Concentrator Rental service tailored to deliver reliable and effective oxygen therapy in the UAE. Whether it is to treat medical conditions, post-surgery recovery, altitude-related issues or altitude sickness – our oxygen concentrator rental provides reliable oxygen therapy at an economical rate – featuring advanced features, ease of use and optional accessories like humidifiers and nebulizers that ensure you experience only the highest level of care and comfort during therapy sessions.

Product Specifications of 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator Rental:

Flow Rate: Our concentrator provides adjustable flow rates that enable you to tailor oxygen delivery according to your healthcare provider’s recommendations.

Quiet Operation: The concentrator works quietly, creating an enjoyable therapy session experience.

User-Friendly Interface: With its straightforward control panel, this oxygen monitor makes monitoring oxygen levels effortless. Adjust settings as necessary and monitor oxygen levels without needing outside assistance.

Compact and Transportable: Although powerful, the concentrator is compact and easily portable – perfect for home or travel use within the UAE.

Optional Humidifier: As an add-on feature, a humidifier provides extra moisture into the oxygen stream and can prevent dryness or irritation in nasal passages and throat.

Optional Nebulizer Attachment: Should it become necessary, we offer optional nebulizer attachments that enable you to inhale medications or saline solutions aerosol-style while receiving oxygen therapy.

Power Source: The concentrator can run on standard household electrical current or connect via adapters to vehicles for use outside the home.

FAA Approved: Our oxygen concentrator rental service offers FAA-compliant units to make travel simpler if required.

Safety Features: This concentrator has safety features like oxygen purity monitoring and alarms to alert you for any problems.

Accessories: we offer an array of accessories such as tubing, nasal cannulas and oxygen masks to provide maximum comfort and convenience during therapy sessions.

Maintenance: Our concentrator is easy to maintain, with instructions provided to keep it working in peak condition.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is an oxygen concentrator, and how does it operate?
    A. Oxygen concentrators are medical devices designed to purify ambient air by filtering it, extracting nitrogen and providing purified oxygen through a nasal cannula or mask to its user. It ensures a steady and constant supply of oxygen.


  1. What is the oxygen concentration level for the 10-litre Oxygen Concentrator?
    A. Our 10-litre Oxygen Concentrator produces high concentrations of oxygen – typically 90-95% – to facilitate effective oxygen therapy.


  1. Can I adjust the flow rate of my oxygen delivery?
    A. Yes, the concentrator offers adjustable flow rates so that you can tailor oxygen delivery based on the advice of healthcare providers.


  1. Is operating the concentrator noisy?
    A. No noise pollution from its operation means therapy sessions run more peacefully and are uninterrupted by distractions such as audio or visual devices.


  1. Is the concentrator suitable for travel within the UAE?
    A. Yes, the concentrator is compact and portable for home or travel use within the UAE.


  1. What is the purpose of a humidifier with my oxygen concentrator?
    A. A humidifier adds moisture to the oxygen stream, helping prevent dryness and irritation in nasal passages and throat. This provides added comfort during therapy.


  1. Why is there a Nebulizer Attachment on My Oxygen Concentrator?
    A. Nebulizer attachments allow for inhaling medications or saline solutions in aerosol form while receiving oxygen therapy, making it ideal for individuals with respiratory conditions.


  1. Can I use my concentrator during air travel, and is it FAA-approved?
    A. Yes, our oxygen concentrator rental service offers FAA-approved units to use during air travel if necessary safely.


  1. Are There Any Safety Features Built into My Concentrator?
    A. Yes, the concentrator has safety features such as oxygen purity monitoring and alarms to alert users if any issues arise.


At Astromed 10-litre Oxygen Concentrator Rental service in the UAE, we pride ourselves on offering a convenient and dependable oxygen therapy solution. From its advanced features and optional accessories, such as a humidifier and nebulizer, to its FAA approval for air travel – we prioritize your comfort and convenience during therapy sessions. Whether used to treat medical conditions, post-surgery recovery or travel – our oxygen concentrator is designed to deliver prescribed oxygen levels for effective treatments. Reach out today and inquire about rental options; experience its benefits first-hand in UAE!


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