Portable Ventilator For Rental

Experience unsurpassed mobility and respiratory support with our Portable Ventilator, now available for rental! This ventilator was specifically created to meet both clinical and home care needs, making it the perfect option for continuous respiratory assistance for patients requiring support. With its compact form factor and lightweight nature, it makes use simple for anyone. Advanced technology ensures it offers multiple ventilation modes to address different breathing requirements, with long battery life for seamless operation even during transport or unstable power supplies. With intuitive controls and clear displays, it is simple to monitor and adjust settings as necessary. Our rental service features comprehensive support with flexible rental terms to provide respiratory assistance on demand wherever it may be required.

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    Portable Ventilator Rental in Dubai


    The Astral 150 Portable Ventilator Rental is an advanced portable ventilator machine with an oxygen sensor tubing ventilator system designed to offer exceptional support for individuals with respiratory needs. With us, breathing therapy becomes seamless.

    Product Specifications of Portable Ventilator Rental:

    1. Portable and Lightweight Design: The Astral 150 Portable Ventilator has been carefully constructed to be highly portable and lightweight, weighing in at just several kilograms – providing exceptional convenience and mobility. Its compact size allows easy transport from room to room or outdoor adventures while still delivering continuous respiratory support.
    1. Versatile Ventilation Modes: This cutting-edge portable ventilator machine provides a comprehensive selection of ventilation modes to address various respiratory conditions. Whether volume control for precise air delivery, pressure support to soothe discomfort, or spontaneous breathing modes to promote independence – Astral 150 meets all your needs seamlessly to improve the quality of care delivered.
    1. Integrated Oxygen Sensor: The Astral 150 boasts an advanced oxygen sensor tubing ventilator system to monitor and adjust oxygen levels as necessary, ensuring patient safety and optimizing oxygen delivery for maximum effectiveness and therapeutic benefit. This feature ensures maximum patient protection and guarantees effective therapy outcomes with precise oxygen delivery at peak efficiency.
    1. User-Friendly Interface: The Astral 150 Portable Ventilator’s user-friendly interface simplifies its use for patients and care givers, eliminating steep learning curves for setup and adjustments with its straightforward controls and user-friendly display. Enjoy hassle-free setup and adjustments without error from this device, ensuring efficient usage without costly learning curves.
    1. Battery Backup: Given the dynamic environment in Dubai, power outages may happen unexpectedly and often interrupt care delivery to your loved one. To protect against this possibility, Astral 150 has an adequate battery backup system to ensure they continue receiving care without disruptions from unexpected power outages.
    1. Comprehensive Alarms: Safety is of utmost importance, which is why the Astral 150 features a comprehensive alarm system to notify users of any deviations in a patient’s condition and allow timely intervention, thereby reducing risks associated with respiratory distress.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

    1. Is the Astral 150 Portable Ventilator suitable for home use in UAE?
      A. Absolutely. The Astral 150 was designed for both clinical and home use. Its portability and user-friendliness make it the ideal device to deliver critical respiratory care in the comfort of your own home.
    1. What can we expect regarding battery life for the Astral 150 in the UAE?
      A. Battery life depends on usage and settings; typically, it lasts several hours to days on one charge. This ensures continuous care even in case of unexpected power disruptions.
    1. What respiratory conditions could benefit from using Astral 150 Portable Ventilator in UAE?
      A. The Astral 150 offers a range of ventilation modes that suit it to treat multiple respiratory conditions, from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and neuromuscular disorders to other respiratory ailments in UAE residents. It’s explicitly designed to meet individual requirements in this market.
    1. Is maintenance of the integrated oxygen sensor tubing system for Astral 150 Portable Ventilator easy in the UAE?
      A. Yes, maintaining the oxygen sensor tubing system is straightforward. Regular checks and replacements (if required) can be easily performed to ensure accurate oxygen monitoring in the UAE’s unique environmental conditions.
    1. How can I set up my Astral 150 Portable Ventilator in the UAE?
      A. Setting up the Astral 150 is made easy thanks to its user-friendly interface and clear instructions, and our dedicated support team here in UAE stands ready to assist with any inquiries or problems.
    1. Can I rent the Astral 150 Portable Ventilator for short-term needs in UAE?
      A. Absolutely! At RCI Medical Equipment Rental, we recognize that respiratory care needs vary widely, so we provide flexible rental options tailored to short-term and long-term requirements. From weekly rentals to longer-term requirements in UAE locations – we have solutions tailored just for you.


    Astral 150 Portable Ventilator is an innovative solution developed to provide exceptional respiratory care in the UAE. Boasting a portable design, an oxygen sensor tubing ventilator system, and user-friendly features, this portable ventilator machine represents the pinnacle of convenience and efficiency in respiratory therapy. Reach out today, explore rental options, and experience all its advantages first-hand in UAE’s vibrant society!


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