Syringe Pump For Rental

Astromed offers reliable and efficient syringe pump rental solutions in the UAE. Our syringe pumps are designed to provide accurate medication dosages for patients, and they are easy to use, making them ideal for hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals. With our flexible rental options, you can rent a syringe pump for as long as you need it at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more.

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    Syringe Pump For Rental

    Are you searching for a reliable and efficient syringe pump to support your medical facility in UAE? Look no further! Our Syringe Pump for Rental offers the ideal solution to meet your infusion needs. With precise drug delivery capabilities and controlled dosage options, this syringe pump has become indispensable in healthcare settings worldwide. In this product content, we will explore its features, specifications, and frequently asked questions to help make an informed decision when making this investment decision.

    Product Specifications of Syringe Pump For Rental:

    Regarding dimensions, our syringe pump has a compact design measuring just 6.5″ x 4.7″ x 9.1″, making it simple and convenient to fit into tight spaces or transport between locations within your healthcare facility.

    Infusion Modes: This device offers various infusion modes, including continuous, intermittent, and step infusion, for flexible medication delivery.

    Syringe Compatibility: The pump accommodates various syringe sizes for ultimate versatility and compatibility with multiple medications and volumes. Our adjustable flow rate range from 0.1-1200 ml/hour ensures precise and accurate drug administration with our syringe pump.

    Alarms and Alerts: Equipped with safety features like occlusion detection, low battery indicator, and air bubble detection for patient safety during infusion sessions, it ensures patient welfare during treatments.

    Battery Life: With its rechargeable battery and continuous infusion even during power outages, our rechargeable battery ensures continued information.

    User-Friendly Interface: The Syringe pump features an easy and user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it quick and straightforward for healthcare professionals to set up and operate the pump.

    Syringe Pump Tubing: Our package includes high-grade pump tubing to provide a secure and leak-free connection between the syringe and the patient.

    Types of Syringe Pump: Our rental volumetric pumps ensure accurate medication distribution to maintain patient safety.

    How to Use Syringe Pump:

    Our syringe pump is user-friendly and straightforward: follow these easy steps!

    Restart: Connect the syringe pump to an electrical source, use its built-in battery, and then turn on the device.

    Load Syringe: To load a syringe, open its compartment, select an appropriate size syringe, and fasten its pump tubing securely around its base.

    Set Parameters: Use the touchscreen interface to set infusion parameters such as flow rate and volume.

    Start Infusion: Confirm and commence infusion by activating the Syringe Pump at your designated rate. Your medications will begin being delivered.

    Monitor: To monitor the infusion process and avoid issues like occlusion or low battery levels, observe it with this device, which alerts you in case of any complications, such as an obstruction or low battery.

    Completed Infusion: Once an infusion has been completed, the syringe pump will automatically shut off to ensure accurate dosing.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Q1:What types of syringe pumps can I rent in the UAE?
    A:Our rental syringe pump is volumetric-type, offering precise and consistent medication administration. 

    Q2:Can I use my syringe with the rental pump?
    A:Yes, our syringe pump is compatible with different sizes of syringes for easy use. 

    Q3:How can I ensure the safety of my patients when using the syringe pump?
    A:Syringe pumps come equipped with safety features like occlusion detection and air bubble detection to enhance patient safety and regular monitoring to maintain optimal conditions for use. 

    Q4:Will I receive training to operate the syringe pump?
    A:We provide training and support to ensure healthcare professionals use syringe pumps efficiently and safely.

    Q5:What are the rental duration and pricing details for the UAE market?
    A:Rental duration and pricing may differ based on your specific rental needs, so please contact our customer support for more information about renting with us.


    Our Syringe Pump Rental in Astromed, UAE is an efficient and user-friendly solution for accurate drug administration, featuring broad syringe compatibility, safety features, and ease of use – making it an asset to any healthcare facility. If you have any further inquiries about rental details, please contact our customer support team; they are dedicated to finding solutions tailored to your needs.



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