FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed with Electric Pump for Bedsores

It is an alternating system that employs durable shaped air tubes and control unit, which is designed for purpose to achieve good massage effect and blood circulation in the body tissue and to help alleviate the bed pressure sores for patients on long term medical treatment or for immobility. Heavy duty bubble style pads uniformly heat sealed for longer term durability.

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    Alternating Bubble Mattress

    Product Description:

    In response to the evolving healthcare environment of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we are proud to introduce the FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed with Electric Pump–an innovative solution for preventing and managing bedsores and featuring state-of-the-art alternating pressure air mattress technology explicitly designed to enhance patient comfort while simultaneously addressing pressure ulcers as a significant problem.

    Product specification of Alternating Bubble Mattress:

    1. Alternating Pressure Technology: The FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed has advanced alternating pressure technology that continuously adjusts air cell pressure, dispersing weight evenly across each cell and relieving any strain or stress on vulnerable body areas.


    1. Electric Pump: The electric pump included with this mattress ensures efficient and consistent inflation/deflation of air cells, with its user-friendly controls enabling caregivers to tailor the mattress settings according to each patient’s comfort and therapeutic requirements.


    1. Comfort and Supportive: This alternating-pressure air mattress was created to offer comfort and support to its users. It conforms to the body’s natural contours to help reduce pressure points while improving overall patient well-being, with its quiet operation adding to a peaceful healing environment.


    1. Durable Construction: The FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed is carefully constructed to withstand the rigorous healthcare environment in UAE, offering a long lifespan and cost-effective performance.


    1. Easy Maintenance: Mattress maintenance is straightforward and designed for easy cleaning and upkeep. Routine upkeep helps ensure patients can rely on optimal performance from their mattresses.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


    1. What is an alternating pressure air mattress, and how can it benefit patients in the UAE?
      An alternating pressure air mattress like the FOFO Alpha Bed can help lower the risk of bedsores by regularly altering the pressure in its various air cells, thus improving circulation and relieving pressure off vulnerable areas, thus making it an invaluable asset in prevention and management.


    1. How does an electric pump operate, and which settings can be adjusted?
      Electric pumps inflate and deflate air cells on an ongoing cycle. Caregivers can adjust cycle duration and pressure settings accordingly to tailor each mattress to a patient’s needs, providing optimal comfort and therapeutic advantages within UAE healthcare settings.


    1. Who could use an FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed in the UAE?
      This mattress can accommodate many individuals, including bedridden patients at risk of bedsores or recovering from surgery or illness. It’s precious in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care settings throughout the UAE.


    1. Is the FOFO Alpha Bed simple to set up and maintain?
      Yes, setting up and maintaining the mattress are easy tasks that provide hassle-free performance. Regular inspection and cleaning ensure the mattress stays in top shape to provide adequate pressure ulcer prevention and management.


    1. Can the FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed be used in home care settings in the UAE?
      Absolutely. The FOFO Alpha Bed is designed for use in healthcare facilities and home care settings in the UAE, making it an excellent way to increase patient comfort and well-being. With its user-friendly features, such as pressure-relieving benefits, this bed makes an excellent addition to patient comfort and well-being.


    1. Does the FOFO Alpha Bed have any warranty or support services in the UAE?
      Yes, our FOFO Alpha Bed comes with a warranty, and our dedicated support team in UAE is always on hand to offer assistance and answer any queries or voice any concerns that arise. We take great pride in ensuring patient comfort and well-being.


    FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed with Electric Pump offers cutting-edge pressure sore prevention and enhanced patient comfort in the UAE. It features advanced alternating pressure technology, an electric pump, user-friendly features, and user reviews – making this innovative mattress system invaluable to healthcare providers and patients. Get in touch with us now to explore its many advantages – you may experience first-hand its impactful transformation of healthcare delivery in the UAE!


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