Electric Hospital Bed For Rent

  • Electric hospital beds are essential medical equipment that is critical to patient care.
  • Astromed offers electric hospital bed rental services, providing a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities needing optimal patient care.

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    Electric Hospital Bed

    Product Description:

    Our Electric Hospital Bed for Rental in the UAE was specifically created to meet the varied needs of individuals requiring in-home medical care. Whether needed for yourself or a family member, this semi-electric, three-function hospital bed offers functionality, comfort, and ease of use to facilitate an uninterrupted recovery process.

     Features of Electric Hospital Bed

    Height Adjustment: To simplify caregiving for caregivers and reduce strain or injury risks for patients, this bed’s height can also be electronically adjusted, making assisting easier and lowering risk factors.

    Durable and Safe: Our electric hospital bed is constructed of high-grade materials and is built for everyday use while still ensuring patient safety. It features side rails that can be raised or lowered for extra support.

    User-Friendly Controls: The bed features user-friendly remote controls for effortless adjustments, ensuring patients can find their preferred positions with minimal effort.

    Mattress Included: Our beds include comfortable, high-quality mattresses that ensure our patients can have restful and restorative nights of restful and supportive rest.

    Clean Easily: Bed surfaces can be easily kept sanitary and maintained, helping promote cleanliness and hygiene.

    Product Specifications:

    Our electric hospital bed for rent in UAE measures 80 inches long by 36 inches wide for optimal sleeping comfort.

    Weight Capacity: This bed is constructed to support individuals weighing up to 300 kg (660 lbs), offering safe use across various users.

    Head and Foot Adjustment Range: Both head and foot sections can be electronically adjusted between 0-60 degrees for customized positioning and comfort.

    Height Adjustment Range: For easy transfer into and out of bed while relieving caregiver strain, height adjustments on beds between 12-24 inches make life simpler for caregivers.

    Material: Our hospital bed features a durable steel frame covered in epoxy powder coating to withstand daily usage and last.

    Mattress Thickness: The 6-inch mattress included with this package offers patients a supportive sleeping surface.

    Side Rail Height: This bed features adjustable side rails for caregivers to add patient safety and peace of mind.

    Power Supply: It ensures compatibility, specifically tailored to operate with UAE’s standard 220-240V, 50Hz electrical infrastructure.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

    Q1: Can I rent this electric hospital bed for home use in the UAE?
    A1: Absolutely! Our Electric Hospital Bed for Rent in the UAE was explicitly created with home use in mind, providing comfortable and convenient temporary medical assistance at home.

    Q2: What are the advantages of a semi-electric hospital bed?
    A2: Semi-electric hospital beds offer electric adjustments for head and foot sections, making it easier for patients to find comfortable positions while minimizing the manual effort required. This feature can significantly benefit individuals recovering from surgery or experiencing mobility challenges.

    Q3: Can you describe this bed’s three-function feature?
    A3: This bed offers electric adjustments for head and foot sections and electronic height adjustment – providing patients and caregivers with optimal comfort and convenience.

    Q4: Does our electric hospital bed meet the needs of individuals with mobility challenges?
    A4: Absolutely. Our hospital bed was explicitly created to assist individuals who face mobility obstacles. Electric adjustments and height options make assisting patients easier for caregivers, while side rails improve safety by preventing accidental falls.

    Q5: Can I rent additional accessories with this bed?
    A5: Absolutely. We provide rental options, including overbed tables and patient lifts, to enhance your caregiving experience, and you can add them to your rental package as needed for added convenience.

    Q6: How can I clean and maintain my hospital bed?
    A6: Bed surfaces are designed for easy maintenance. Use a mild disinfectant and a damp cloth to regularly wipe down the bed for optimum hygiene and cleanliness for patient well-being. This promotes healthy environments vital to patient well-being.

    Q7: Can I trust this hospital bed for long-term use?
    A7: Our Electric Hospital Bed for Rent has been designed with durability in mind. It is constructed with a robust steel frame and features top-quality components to guarantee long-term use and reliable performance.

    Q8: Does the rental include delivery and setup services?
    A8: Absolutely. Our professional setup team will ensure that the bed is installed perfectly for immediate use, providing instructions on operating and utilizing it effectively and safely.

    Q9: What are an electric hospital bed’s rental duration and pricing details?
    A9: Our rental durations can be tailored to meet your unique requirements for short or long-term usage; pricing varies based on duration and any additional accessories requested – don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for additional pricing details.


    Overall, our Electric Hospital Bed for Rent in UAE is an ideal solution for in-home medical care, offering electric adjustments, durability, and safety features that promote smooth recovery processes while offering peace of mind to both patient and caregiver alike. Rent one today to experience its convenience and comfort during the healing journey. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality medical equipment and superior service that meet your healthcare needs.


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