FOFO Turning Mattress with Pump for Physiotherapy

An alternating system that employs durable shaped air tubes and control unit, which is designed for purpose to achieve good massage effect and blood circulation in the body tissue and to help alleviate the bed pressure sores for patients on long term medical treatment or for immobility.

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    FOFO Turning Mattress

    Product Description: 

    In the vibrant healthcare scene of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we are pleased to introduce the FOFO Turning Mattress with Pump, a revolutionary solution for physiotherapy and pressure sore prevention. With an advanced air mattress system, this alpha air bed has been specifically developed to minimize discomfort caused by prolonged bedrest while giving patients and caregivers an invaluable tool to increase comfort and wellbeing.

    Product Specifications OF FOFO Turning Mattress:

    1. Advanced Pressure Relief: The FOFO Turning Mattress was explicitly designed to offer advanced pressure relief, making it an integral part of any physiotherapy regime. Featuring air mattress technology for pressure sores, this air mattress helps distribute body weight more evenly. It thus decreases the risk of pressure ulcers while hastening the healing of existing sores. 
    2. Air Mattress Turning System: This mattress boasts an innovative air mattress turning system that gently repositions patients at regular intervals, helping reduce the duration of immobility to prevent muscle stiffness and pressure points, enhance overall patient comfort, and reduce risks of complications.


    1. Adjustable Firmness: The FOFO Turning Mattress offers adjustable firmness settings to meet the individual comfort needs of each patient, from soft for enhanced relaxation to firmer support settings for added stability. You can tailor it precisely as per individual preferences!


    1. User-Friendly Control Panel: Operating the FOFO Turning Mattress is seamless thanks to its user-friendly control panel, enabling caregivers to make adjustments, such as turning intervals and firmness levels, for optimal patient care with minimal effort.


    1. Quiet and Efficient Pump: The pump included with this package is both quiet and effective, creating an environment conducive to relaxation and restorative sleep. Its low noise level makes this unit particularly suitable for healthcare environments in UAE healthcare settings and ensures a relaxing atmosphere for patients in UAE hospitals.


    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

    1. What is an Alpha Air Bed, and how does it differ from traditional mattresses?

    A. An alpha air bed like the FOFO Turning Mattress uses an air mattress system that offers dynamic support and pressure relief. Unlike traditional mattresses, its unique air mattress technology enables automatic firmness adjustments and patient repositioning capabilities, making it highly effective at relieving pressure sores while aiding physiotherapy treatments in the UAE.


    1. How does an air mattress for pressure ulcers work to help prevent and alleviate pressure ulcers?
      A. FOFO Turning Mattress provides an air mattress designed to treat pressure sores by evenly dispersing patient weight, relieving pressure from vulnerable areas of their bodies. Furthermore, its turning system repositions patients more frequently, reducing immobility duration and risk for pressure ulcers.


    1. Who could benefit from using the FOFO Turning Mattress in UAE?
      A. FOFO Turning Mattress is designed for all kinds of individuals, from bedridden patients and those at risk of pressure sores to those undergoing physiotherapy sessions. Its many applications make it ideal for the UAE’s long-term care facilities, hospitals, and homecare settings.


    1. Is the FOFO Turning Mattress easy to maintain and durable?
      A. Maintenance is straightforward, and the FOFO Turning Mattress was created for long-term durability, requiring just regular cleaning and care for optimal performance and resilience in healthcare use in UAE settings.


    1. Is FOFO Turning Mattress suitable for home care settings in the UAE?
      A. Absolutely. The FOFO Turning Mattress is a highly flexible piece of equipment, making it suitable for use within healthcare facilities and home care settings throughout the UAE. With its user-friendly features and pressure-relieving properties, this mattress provides excellent ways to increase patient comfort.


    1. Does the FOFO Turning Mattress have a warranty or support services in the UAE?
      A. Yes, our FOFO Turning Mattress comes with a warranty, and our dedicated support team in the UAE is on hand to assist and answer any queries. We strive to ensure that we fully address both patient satisfaction and your wellbeing.


    FOFO Turning Mattress with Pump for Physiotherapy is a revolutionary solution for pressure sore prevention and enhanced patient comfort in the UAE. Boasting advanced alpha air bed technology, an air mattress turning system, user-friendly features, and intuitive design capabilities – the FOFO Turning Mattress with Pump is a valuable asset to healthcare providers and patients seeking improved wellbeing in the UAE healthcare landscape. Get in touch with us now at Astromed  to experience its many advantages & see its difference first-hand in UAE healthcare!

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