FOFO Bubble Air Mattress

Medical alternating air mattress is mainly for the treatment of woundcare solutions and healing of pressure Ulcers.

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    FOFO Bubble Air Mattress


    FOFO Bubble Air Mattress – the ultimate solution for enhanced comfort and well-being – was developed specifically to offer exceptional support in medical environments. This revolutionary medical bubble air mattress revolutionizes healthcare, offering superior comfort and therapeutic advantages to individuals in hospitals or care facilities.
    FOFO Bubble Air Mattress was carefully designed to meet the specific needs of patients, creating an enjoyable, therapeutic and healing experience during their stay. Boasting durability, comfort, and therapeutic support features, this medical bubble air mattress makes an excellent addition to hospitals, clinics, or home healthcare settings.

    Product Specifications of FOFO Bubble Air Mattress: 

    Bubble Air Mattress has various sizes to meet bed frames and patient requirements, including Twin, Full, Queen and King options.

    Material: Constructed of high-grade medical-grade PVC, this mattress is safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to keep clean.

    Bubble Design: This mattress boasts an innovative bubble design featuring numerous air cells that inflate and deflate sequentially to maximize pressure redistribution and minimize bedsores risks.

    Control Unit: The included control unit allows for easy pressure setting customization to meet individual patient needs, providing tailored comfort.

    Quiet Operation: The FOFO Bubble Air Mattress operates quietly to create a peaceful sleeping environment.

    Weight Capacity: This mattress boasts an expansive weight capacity to meet the needs of various patients while guaranteeing their safety and comfort. 

    Power Supply: Additionally, it comes equipped with a highly efficient power supply unit for increased reliability.

    Easy Maintenance: The mattress was created for easy care and maintenance, featuring a waterproof and stain-resistant cover. 

    (Frequently Asked Questions)For any additional inquiries

    Q1. What is a bubble air mattress used for patients, and how does it function?
    A1. FOFO Bubble Air Mattresses are specially crafted air mattresses intended to offer therapeutic support and comfort to patients. By inflating and deflating air cells sequentially, these beds help relieve pressure in specific body areas, reducing bedsores and increasing overall comfort levels.

    Q2. Is the FOFO Bubble Air Mattress suitable for hospital use?
    A2. Yes, the FOFO Bubble Air Mattress was explicitly designed for hospital and healthcare facility use and meets all safety and hygiene standards required of healthcare facilities. 

    Q3. Can I adjust the firmness of my mattress?
    A3. The FOFO Bubble Air Mattress allows users to easily customize its firmness to meet individual patients’ comfort needs using the included control unit. This enables customization based on each patient’s comfort level. 

    Q4. Is the FOFO Bubble Air Mattress noisy while operating?
    A4. No, the mattress operates quietly to promote restful and rejuvenating rest for patients and foster recovery. 

    Q5. How can I clean and maintain the FOFO Bubble Air Mattress?
    A5. Clean and maintain your mattress effortlessly with this comprehensive cleaning guide. Wipe down its waterproof and stain-resistant cover using mild soap and water, regularly inspect it for damage or wear-and-tear, and follow any care instructions in its user manual for proper upkeep.

    Q6. Does the FOFO Bubble Air Mattress come in different sizes?
    A6. The mattress comes in several sizes to meet individual bed frames and patient requirements.

    Q7. What is the weight capacity of a FOFO Bubble Air Mattress?
    A7. The mattress boasts a substantial weight capacity, making it suitable for many patients. Please refer to product specifications for specific weight limitations for each mattress size.

    Q8.Can this mattress be used at home for non-medical uses?
    A8. FOFO Bubble Air Mattress was explicitly created for medical use; however, it can provide exceptional comfort to anyone seeking restful nights’ rest. As with any medical product or device, however, before using it for non-medical uses, it is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals first.


    FOFO Bubble Air Mattress is the go-to solution for healthcare facilities seeking to increase patient comfort and well-being. FOFO is top of its class among medical bubble air mattresses, boasting innovative design features like customizable settings and durability construction. Perfect for hospital settings and home healthcare, FOFO ensures patients receive exceptional levels of care and support, supporting healing while improving overall wellness – choose FOFO for ultimate patient comfort and satisfaction!



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