DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine

For more than half a century, DeVilbiss Healthcare has provided unmatched safety and performance in the airway suction device category. With the Vacu-Aide QSU, DeVilbiss brings you the same reliable, portable operation in a significantly quieter unit.
More than 50% reduction in sound, the Vacu-Aide QSU is the quietest high flow/high suction portable unit on the market, making it a smart choice for patients from neonate to adult.

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    DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine

    Product Description:

    The DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine is an established choice among individuals in the UAE seeking reliable suction therapy. From managing chronic respiratory conditions or recovering from surgery to airway clearance needs, this homecare suction machine offers powerful yet efficient suction to maintain open, transparent airways for improved well-being and care. With its user-friendly design and exceptional performance, it ensures peace of mind as well as effective care for users in need.


    Key Features of DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine: 

    High-Performance Suction: This high-performance suction device from Vacu-Aide provides reliable and consistent suction performance, effectively clearing away secretions while maintaining airway patency.

    Adjustable Vacuum Control: This machine features an easy-to-use vacuum control dial that enables users or caregivers to customize the suction level to meet individual requirements for comfort and effectiveness.

    Durable Construction: Engineered for durability, the DeVilbiss suction pump was created with daily use in mind and offered long-term reliability for home healthcare needs in the UAE.

    Compact and Portable: With its portable design and integrated carrying handle, Vacu-Aide makes care accessible throughout your home.

    Cleanliness and Safety for Users: Cleaning and maintaining the suction machine is simple, providing optimal hygiene and safety.

    Product Specifications: 

    Wage Level of 27 in Hg (0-635 mm Hg). 

    Wage Flow Range: Wage-0-27 LPM Wage Sound Level @ 0.91 meters (3 feet).

    Operating Temperature Range: 50degF to 104degF (10degC to 40degC). 

    Tolerances for temperature change between 10-40DegreeC are 10-30DegF (15.6inHx8.5inWx 8.3inchD. 

    It weighs 13.6 pounds 6.2 kg).

     Wattage Supply Range is 100-240V 50-60Hz, which makes this power source ideal for UAE environments.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


    Q1. How does the DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine help with respiratory care?
    A1: The DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine is a homecare suction machine designed to assist individuals suffering from respiratory ailments by eliminating secretions and keeping airways clear and open. This reliable home healthcare option in the UAE has proven popular.

    Q2: Can I change the suction level on the Vacu-Aide Suction Machine?
    A2: Simply use the vacuum control dial on the machine to quickly set a customized suction level for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

    Q3: Can the DeVilbiss suction pump withstand daily homecare use?
    A3: Absolutely. The DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine has been specifically engineered with maximum durability, making it suitable for everyday homecare environments. Designed to offer reliable performance over the long haul.

    Q4: Can I transport the suction machine to my home in UAE?
    A4: Its compact design and integrated carrying handle make the Vacu-Aide easy to transport wherever care is necessary in your home.

    Q5: Can the suction machine be easily cleaned and maintained?
    A5: Yes, DeVilbiss suction pumps have been designed to make routine maintenance an effortless user experience, promoting workplace hygiene and safety. Regular maintenance checks ensure continued reliability for years.

    Q6: What comes with my purchase of the DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine?
    A6: When purchasing a suction machine, the following components typically are included with it: the device itself, collection bottle with tubing and tubing system, tubular collection system with tubing system and tubular collection bottle system for tubing systems, bacterial filter system for filtering out microbes from water samples collected during the extraction process and power cord with power cord powering up a system for convenient operation – these essential elements for successful use of a machine.

    Q7: Can I locate replacement parts for my DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine here in UAE
    A7: Replacement parts for DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machines in the UAE can be found, including collection bottles, tubing, and filters to keep therapy effective. These parts ensure your suction machine continues to deliver effective therapy services.


    DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Suction Machine is an affordable and dependable choice for individuals living in the UAE who require suction therapy for respiratory care or airway clearance in a homecare setting. Boasting high-performance suction, adjustable vacuum control, durable construction, portability, and practical care delivery features, its high-performance suction can alleviate respiratory discomfort while safeguarding well-being with this reliable homecare suction machine.


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