BMC RESmart BIPAP ST with Tidal Volume System – G2S B25VT

G2S B25VT/B30VT is a Bi-level device with S/T mode and target tidal volume feature intended to provide non-invasive ventilation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Insufficiency patients.

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    BMC RESmart BIPAP ST with Tidal Volume

    Product Description:

    The BMC RESmart BiPAP ST with Tidal Volume System – G2S B25VT is an advanced medical device that treats respiratory disorders. It offers features and capabilities that improve the quality of life and enhance respiratory function for its users.

    Product Specifications of BMC RESmart BIPAP ST with Tidal Volume:

    BIPAP ST Mode: For individuals suffering from complex sleep-related breathing disorders, the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST features BiPAP ST mode – an advanced therapy solution. It delivers two separate pressure levels for inhalation (IPAP) and exhalation (EPAP), providing more efficient and comfortable breathing.

    Tidal Volume System: The Tidal Volume System offers precise control over how much air is taken with each breath, making it suitable for patients requiring extensive respiratory assistance.

    Advanced Algorithms: The device features sophisticated algorithms that monitor breathing patterns and adjust pressure levels instantly for optimal therapy during the night.

    Leak Compensation: Automatic leak compensation technology ensures therapy effectiveness even with minor mask leaks, improving comfort and therapy outcomes.

    Large Colour Touchscreen: With its easy-to-use colour touchscreen interface, navigating settings and monitoring progress has never been more straightforward or accessible. Real-time data, such as therapy duration, AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index), etc., are provided in real-time for absolute peace of mind.

    Heated Humidification: Our integrated heated humidification system adds moisture to the air, alleviating dryness and discomfort associated with therapy – especially in arid climates like Dubai.

    Quiet Operation: Enjoy a restful night’s rest with the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST’s quiet operation, which ensures minimal disturbance for you and your partner.

    Data Storage and Sharing: This device conveniently stores therapy data that healthcare providers can access and share to facilitate effective monitoring.

    Compliance Reporting: Generate compliance reports for insurance claims or discussions with healthcare professionals to facilitate seamless reimbursement processes.

    Built-In Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities facilitate seamless data transfer to smartphones or tablets for remote monitoring and adjustments.


    Q1. What is BiPAP ST mode, and how does it function?
    A1. BiPAP ST mode, also known as Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure with Spontaneous-Timed mode, delivers two pressure levels during inhalation and exhalation: IPAP for inhalation and EPAP for exhalation. This mode can provide essential support during both stages. BiPAP ST primarily benefits individuals suffering from complex sleep-related breathing disorders who require assistance during both stages.

    Q2. Can the BiPAP ST mode settings be changed on a BMC RESmart device?
    A2. The BMC RESmart BIPAP ST allows custom settings explicitly tailored to your therapy needs. Work closely with your healthcare provider to identify optimal pressure levels and other settings. 

    Q3. Is the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST suitable for travel in Dubai and beyond?
    A3. While not as compact as some travel-specific devices, the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST is suitable for home use and travel if accompanied by an appropriate travel case and power adapter for international use

    Q4. How can I maintain and clean the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST device?
    A4. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital to ensure device longevity and hygiene. Follow your device manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning its device, mask, and accessories; additionally, consider investing in professional-grade equipment for ease of use.

    Q5. Are insurance policies available for BMC RESmart BIPAP STs sold in Dubai?
    A5. Insurance coverage varies based on your insurance provider and policy. Speak with them regarding coverage options and requirements for reimbursement.


    Overall, the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST with Tidal Volume System – G2S B25VT offers cutting-edge technology and customised therapy options to treat complex sleep-related breathing disorders effectively. With BiPAP ST mode, advanced algorithms, user-friendly features and BiPAP mode available, it makes an ideal solution for individuals in Astromed, UAE,  seeking optimal therapy solutions for sleep therapy solutions. Don’t let sleep disorders disrupt your life any longer; invest in the BMC RESmart BIPAP ST and experience unparalleled levels of comfort and sleep quality!



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