BMC RESmart Auto BIPAP System – G2S B20A

G2S B20A is a auto-adjusting Bi-level devices for sleep apnea patients who need enhanced pressure support.

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    RESmart Auto BIPAP System

    Product Description:

    The BMC RESmart Auto BIPAP System – G2S B20A is an innovative Bi-level device tailored for those in need of advanced respiratory support during sleep, especially for those diagnosed with sleep apnea – an interruption in breathing patterns during restful slumber that often leads to fatigue and other health complications. This BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure) machine offers tailored therapy sessions for an uninterrupted night’s restful slumber tailored to each user’s unique requirements, ensuring restful and uninterrupted slumber.


    Key Features of RESmart Auto BIPAP System:

    Bi-Level Support: The RESmart Auto BIPAP G2S B20A features two air pressure levels for inhalation and exhalation, making therapy more comfortable and efficient while making breathing easier and maintaining regular airflow more efficient for users.

    AVAPS Technology: Adaptive Ventilation with Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS) is an innovative feature that adapts the pressure according to your unique breathing patterns, providing optimal comfort and effectiveness as your therapy needs change.

    User-Friendly Interface: The device features an easy-to-use LCD screen and user-friendly controls for customized therapy settings, making setting and customizing them simple and seamless. Plus, it lets you keep an eye on progress while making adjustments as necessary!

    Data Management: The RESmart Auto BIPAP G2S B20A has data storage features that allow you to monitor your therapy progress over time and share this data with healthcare providers for effective treatment management.

    Comfortable Mask Options: The BiPAP system offers a selection of comfortable and effective masks designed to provide a secure, leak-free fit across various facial structures and preferences.

    Quiet Operation: This device operates silently to create a peaceful sleeping environment for users and their partners.

    Product Features and Benefits:

    To meet Pressure Range requirements: IPAP 4-30 cm H2O and EPAP 4-25 cm H2O respectively.

    Breathing Rate: 4-40 BPM (breaths per minute).

    Ramp Time: 0-60 Minutes (Adjustable).

    Data Storage: SD card (up to one year of therapy data).

    Dimensions: 260 mm in Height by 220 in Width by 115 in Depth.

    Weight: 2.1 kg (4.63 lbs). Power Supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz Universal (UAE compatible).

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

    Q1. What is the BMC RESmart Auto BIPAP System, and how does it assist in treating sleep apnea?
    A1: The BMC RESmart Auto BIPAP System – G2S B20A is a bi-level device intended to provide individuals with sleep apnea advanced respiratory support. Featuring two levels of air pressure, it makes breathing easier while sleeping, thereby decreasing interruptions to airflow during restful slumber and thus decreasing interruptions.


    Q2: Can you describe AVAPS technology and explain its potential use in treating sleep apnea patients?
    A2: AVAPS (Adaptive Ventilation with Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) technology adjusts pressure based on an individual’s unique breathing patterns throughout the night to provide maximum comfort and effectiveness, even as therapy needs change – making it particularly helpful for sleep apnea patients.


    Q3: How can I configure and customize my therapy settings with the RESmart Auto BIPAP G2S B20A?
    A3: This device comes equipped with an intuitive LCD screen and user-friendly controls, enabling you to set up and customize therapy settings quickly. Your healthcare provider can advise on which options best meet your needs.


    Q4: Can this BiPAP device allow me to track my therapy progress over time?
    A4: Yes, the RESmart Auto BIPAP G2S B20A features data storage capabilities so you can monitor your therapy’s progression over time and share this information with healthcare providers to ensure effective treatments continue.

    Q5: Can this BiPAP machine accommodate individuals of varying facial shapes and preferences?
    A5: Yes, the RESmart Auto BIPAP G2S B20A is compatible with a wide variety of comfortable masks to provide secure, leak-free fitting for individuals of varying facial structures and preferences.


    Q6: How does the quiet operation of this BiPAP device benefit both users and their partners?
    A6: The BiPAP’s quiet operation creates an ideal sleeping environment so both individuals can rest easily through an uninterrupted night’s restful slumber.


    BMC RESmart Auto BIPAP System G2S B20A is an advanced Bi-level device developed to offer superior respiratory support and comfort to individuals suffering from sleep apnea in UAE. Boasting advanced features like AVAPS technology, user-friendly controls, data management capabilities, and compatibility with comfortable masks – it offers a comprehensive solution for effective sleep therapy. Say goodbye to disrupted nights of restful rest with this innovative BiPAP system!


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