BMC Polypro H2 Series


BMC Polypro H2 Series

After nearly 20 years of continuous research, we have developed a full digital series of sleep-monitoring products. With the portable appearance and simple operation, the H2 series will give sleep workers a new experience. The sleep monitoring system complies with the AASM standards and can realize multi-level applications such as sleep breathing monitoring, routine and scientific research of multi-channel sleep monitoring (PSG), determination of treatment plan and sleep scientific research, so as to meet different clinical monitoring needs.

The BMC Polypro H2 Series is a breakthrough lineup that will take your operation to the next level. 


  • The BMC Polypro H2 Series is built to withstand extreme conditions and demanding tasks. 
  • With rugged construction and high-quality components, the series ensures longevity and durability, so your investment will withstand years of wear and tear.


  • When it comes to critical operations, reliability is essential. 
  • That’s why BMC’s Polypro Series is a top-of-the-line product that delivers consistent performance and results. 
  • Whether you manage a large industrial facility or a small business, you can rely on the BMC Polypro H2 Series. 
  • BMC Polypro H2 Series for unmatched reliability.

Exceptional performance: 

  • Experience the ultimate performance with the BMC Polypro H2 Series. 
  • With cutting-edge technology and creative design, these products deliver exceptional results that increase productivity and efficiency. 
  • No matter the task, BMC Polypro H2 Series is designed to exceed your expectations.


  • The BMC Polypro H2 Series is suitable for various sectors and industries. 
  • From manufacturing to logistics to healthcare and hospitality, these flexible products seamlessly adapt to various circumstances. 
  • With the BMC Polypro H2 Series, you can successfully tackle any problem that comes your way.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency is a top priority in our environmentally conscious world. With sustainability in mind, this series includes energy-efficient components that can help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 
  • When you choose the BMC polypro H2 series, you optimize your business processes and contribute to a greener future.


  • The BMC polypro H2 series considers each company’s specific requirements. 
  • You can adapt the products to your needs using a wide range of customizable options. 
  • The BMC polypro H2 series offers the flexibility to meet your needs in terms of dimensions and configuration to specific functions and features.

User-friendly interface 

  • Simplicity and ease of use are at the heart of the BMC Polypro H2 Series. 
  • The intuitive user interface allows seamless integration with existing systems, shortening the learning curve and improving operational efficiency. 
  • You’ll spend less time on training and more on what’s most important – moving the business forward.


BMC Polypro H2 Series is an innovator

  • There is no question that the BMC Polypro H2 Series is an innovator in the marketplace, offering unmatched durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. 
  • With its flexibility and energy efficiency, as well as it’s adaptability and user-friendly interface, the BMC Polypro H2 Series enables companies in a wide range of industries to optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition.
  • When you invest in the BMC Polypro H2 Series, you get a forward-thinking solution that can adapt to the changing needs of your business. 
  • Whether you need equipment for heavy-duty manufacturing, warehouse management, or healthcare facilities, the BMC Polypro H2 Series has you covered.
  • With its rugged construction, the BMC Polypro H2 Series guarantees the equipment will withstand the most challenging conditions. 
  • High-quality materials and rugged construction will last years, reducing maintenance and downtime costs.
  • The BMC Polypro Series sets the standard. You can count on these units to consistently perform at their best and provide smooth operations with as few interruptions as possible. 
  • You can concentrate on your main tasks and rely on the BMC Polypro H2 Series to be a reliable partner. BMC Polypro H2 Series is a reliable partner.
  • The outstanding efficiency of BMC Polypro H2 Series is achieved through cutting-edge technology and imaginative design. 
  • These products are designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and precision to optimize your processes and achieve the best results.
  • Efficient energy consumption is essential in today’s environmentally conscious world, and the BMC Polypro H2 Series is committed to this. 
  • With energy-efficient components and eco-friendly features, the products help reduce carbon emissions and enable a greener future.
  • Flexibility is one of the most critical features of this BMC Polypro H2 series, allowing you to customize the device to meet the specific needs of your business. 
  • From the dimensions and configuration to the customized alternatives and accessories, you can find a perfect solution compatible with your company’s needs.
  • The user-friendly and intuitive interface of the BMC Polypro H2 series allows seamless integration into an existing system. 
  • Simple controls and easy-to-use menus reduce the time spent on training, so your staff can quickly adapt and improve efficiency.
  • BMC’s Polypro Series is an original product that combines strength and reliability, significant effectiveness, flexibility in energy efficiency, customizability, and a user-friendly interface. 
  • Explore the possibilities of technology and promote the growth of your business by using the BMC Polypro H2 Series. 
  • BMC Polypro H2 Series. Choose the option compatible with your company’s current needs and enables further expansion and success.



  • H2 series can be flexibly configured according to the situation of hospital departments, and support upgrading and expansion functions to meet different clinical monitoring needs.
  • Professional analysis software, with cross-platform data compatibility, can generate sleep reports in an international common format, which is convenient for clinical reading.
  • The report can be customized according to the needs of doctors. With a more powerful automatic data analysis function, it can provide doctors with a more comprehensive CPAP titration scheme.
  • The data management platform based on the cloud concept can realize the online viewing and analysis of patient data, and provide powerful remote sleep diagnosis function for professional sleep centers and hospital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.


Features of BMC Polypro H2:

  • Flexible configuration and free combination
  • Convenient human-computer interaction
  • Cross-platform data compatibility
  • Automatic analysis and report generation
  • Cloud data management platform



Model H2 H2 Plus H2 Elite H2 Pro
Channel 27 35 44 58
SpO2 1 1 1 1
Pulse rate 1 1 1 1
Pulse wave 1 1 1 1
CPAP 1 1 1 1
Position 1 1 1 1
Flow 1 1 1 1
Thermal Flow 1 1 1 1
Pressure Snoring 1 1 1 1
Microphone 1 1 1 1
Thoracic Breathing 1 1 1 1
Abdominal Breathing 1 1 1 1
Viedo 1 1 1 1
Sound 1 1 1 1
EEG 6 10
EOG 2 2
EMG 2 2
ECG 5 2 3
LEG 2 4
Alternate Channel 7
PTT 1 1 1
SBP 1 1 1
DBP 1 1 1
14 channels (Vtlt Pressure, Vtlt Flow,

Vtlt Leak,

VT Min IPAP, Ramp P, Ti, VT, EPAP, Reslex, Res Rate, VT Max IPAP, Max Ramp, Rise Time, VT Off)

14 14 14 14


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