BMC Polypro H2 Series

  • The sleep monitoring system complies with the AASM standards and can realize multi-level applications such as sleep breathing monitoring, routine and scientific research of multi-channel sleep monitoring (PSG), determination of treatment plan and sleep scientific research, so as to meet different clinical monitoring needs.


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    BMC Polypro H2 Series :

    Experience a breakthrough in sleep enhancement with the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series Sleep Machine, an unparalleled innovation in monitoring technology. Offering sophisticated monitoring capabilities, this portable monitor provides comprehensive solutions to those looking to improve their quality of rest – Dubai or Abu Dhabi; anywhere within the U.A.E at Astromed, this revolutionary advancement includes access to better rest.

    Product Specifications of BMC Polypro H2 Series

    Advanced Sleep Monitoring: The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series features cutting-edge technology for advanced sleep monitoring. It monitors your sleeping stages heart rate and detects disturbances such as snoring or restlessness to provide a holistic view of your restfulness patterns.

    Portability and Convenience: With portability at its heart, this sleep machine is designed for home or travel use in the U.A.E. Thanks to its compact size, you’re free to transport it quickly, so you don’t miss a night of tracking your restful rest.
    With an intuitive user interface and user-friendly LCD, the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series makes navigating and understanding sleep data effortless. Review reports effortlessly to enhance sleep quality.

    Wireless Connectivity: Stay in sync and synchronize your sleep data effortlessly using the B.M.C. Sleep View app on your smartphone or tablet, with real-time updates on how your sleeping is going and making adjustments to optimize it.

    Extended Battery Life: The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series features an impressive battery life, enabling you to track your sleep patterns for long stretches without recharging frequently.

    Comfortable Sensors: This sleep monitor’s sensors have been specifically developed for maximum comfort, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest free from discomfort or irritation.

    F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions):

    Q1: How Does Advanced Sleep Monitoring Work?
    A1: The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series uses advanced sensors to continuously track your sleeping stages, heart rate, and disturbances throughout the night and then process this data to provide a comprehensive analysis of your quality and patterns of restful slumber.

    Q2: Does B.M.C. Sleep View work on devices in the U.A.E.?
    A2: Absolutely, B.M.C. Sleep View works flawlessly with smartphones and tablets in the U.A.E. – download it from your device’s app store to easily sync and review sleep data!

    Q3: Can I Use B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series While Traveling Within U.A.E.?
    A3: Absolutely! Designed with portability in mind, the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series makes an excellent travel companion from bustling Dubai streets to tranquil Ras Al Khaimah scenery – wherever your journey may lead – its sleep monitoring technology guarantees uninterrupted sleep quality monitoring!

    Q4: What is the expected battery life of B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series?
    A4: The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series features a long-life battery that typically provides multiple nights of tracking on one charge so that you can stay on top of your sleep patterns without disruptions.

    Q5: Are the sleep sensors comfortable to wear all night long? Its
    A5: Absolutely. The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series sensors are designed to be non-intrusive and comfortable, ensuring you enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s rest while collecting valuable sleep data.

    Q6: Are the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series products helpful with sleep apnea disorders?
    A6: Although not designed as a diagnostic tool, the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series may provide valuable data and insights for individuals suffering from sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Consult with healthcare providers for a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Q7: Am I able to customize the settings of my sleep monitoring with B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series?
    A7: Absolutely! The B.M.C. Sleep View app makes it possible to tailor sleep tracking settings according to your needs and preferences, such as sensitivity levels and notifications.

    Q8: Can the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series accommodate individuals of all age groups?
    A8: Yes, the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series can provide invaluable insight into your sleep patterns while helping improve overall quality. From teens and adults alike to senior citizens – whether young or old alike can use this sleep machine!

    Upgrade your sleep quality and regain control over your sleeping patterns with the B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series Sleep Machine, now available in Astromed, U.A.E. Experience advanced monitoring capabilities, portability, and enhanced hygiene features – starting your journey towards more restful living today. Whether it be Sharjah, Fujairah, or anywhere in the U.A.E. – The B.M.C. Polypro H2 Series is your reliable partner in finding better restful slumber!


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