FOFO Tubular Mattress

FOFO medical anti-decubitus mattress made of Taiwan Nanya / Dingzing (PVC/ TPU), One-time moulding for bubble type mattress. Tubular mattress is mainly for the treatment of woundcare solutions and healing of pressure Ulcers.


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    FOFO Tubular Mattress


    FOFO Tubular Mattress Provides Unsurpassed Comfort and Medical Relief Solutions
    Are you searching for the ideal mattress that provides comfort and therapeutic benefits? Look no further! FOFO Tubular Mattress can revolutionize your sleeping experience. Featuring cutting-edge technology and designed to address various needs, this tubular ripple mattress will change how you experience restful sleep – whether that means a cosy night’s rest or needing an anti-decubitus medical air bed mattress with anti-decubitus properties – FOFO Tubular Mattress has you covered.

    Product Details of FOFO Tubular Mattress:

    Tubular Ripple Design: The FOFO mattress’s unique tubular ripple design ensures optimal pressure distribution, helping prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores and making it an excellent choice for medical purposes.

    High-Quality Materials: Our company only uses premium materials that are both comfortable and long-term durable. The top cover consists of soft yet breathable fabric, which enhances airflow for comfort and hygiene.

    Adjustable Firmness Settings: The FOFO Tubular Mattress features adjustable firmness settings to tailor your sleeping experience according to your preference.

    Quiet and Energy-Efficient Pump: The included air pump has been specially engineered to be quiet and energy-efficient, giving you peace of mind without disrupting sleep with distracting noise.

    User-Friendly Controls: With user-friendly controls, adjusting mattress settings according to your comfort needs is effortless.

    Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining a FOFO Tubular Mattress is simple with its removable, machine-washable cover and wipe-clean surface.

    Compatibility: This mattress can fit comfortably on most bed frames, making it a versatile solution suitable for various settings.

    Dimensions: The FOFO Tubular Mattress comes in multiple sizes that meet any bedframe – Single, Double, Queen and King are available.

    Weight Capacity: This seat has impressive weight capacity, making it suitable for multiple users.

    Safety Features: The mattress contains built-in safety features to prevent over-inflation and ensure a stable sleeping surface.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

    Q1. What is a tubular mattress, and what are its main differences from traditional mattresses?
    A1: Tubular mattresses like the FOFO Tubular Mattress feature an exclusive tubular ripple design to improve pressure distribution and airflow, making it suitable for medical uses and helping prevent bedsores. Standard mattresses lack these unique features.

    Q2. Does the FOFO Tubular Mattress qualify for medical use?
    A2.Absolutely! The FOFO Tubular Mattress was developed with medical-grade features in mind, such as pressure ulcer prevention and adjustable firmness settings – making it an excellent option for those with medical requirements.

    Q3. What are the characteristics of an anti-decubitus mattress, and do these mattresses possess anti-decubitus capabilities?
    A3. An anti-decubitus mattress offers anti-decubitus properties. An anti-decubitus mattress (also referred to as an “anti-bedsores mattress”) is intended to prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores, and the FOFO Tubular Mattress stands out with its tubular ripple design and adjustable firmness for just such purposes, significantly decreasing the risk of decubitus ulcers.

    Q4. How can I clean and maintain a FOFO Tubular Mattress?
    A4. Cleaning and maintaining this mattress is simple. The top cover can be removed for machine washing, while the mattress can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Be sure to inspect regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear.

    Q5. Can I use the FOFO Tubular Mattress on my current bed frame?
    A5. Yes, the FOFO Tubular Mattress can fit with most bed frames for versatility in various settings.

    Q6. Which size options are available for FOFO Tubular Mattresses?
    A6. FOFO Tubular Mattresses come in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes to ensure you find a suitable mattress to match your bed frame.

    Q7. How can I customize the firmness of my mattress to my taste?
    A7. FOFO Tubular Mattress offers user-friendly controls that enable you to customize the firmness settings according to your preference. Simply use the included remote to increase or decrease the air pressure inside of it.

    Q8. Is the air pump provided by my car noisy?
    A8. No. The air pump is designed to be quiet and energy-efficient, guaranteeing an uninterrupted night’s rest without disrupting noise levels.


    FOFO Tubular Mattress is an innovative solution that combines comfort and medical-grade features, offering users the ultimate sleeping experience without discomfort or bedsores. Featuring a unique tubular ripple design, adjustable firmness settings, compatibility with various bed frames and ease of use for medical users – the FOFO Tubular Mattress, now available at Astromed, UAE, offers restful nights’ rest like never before!


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