BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System – G2S A20

This is product of BMC, Auto CPAP for sleep disorders. The report generation and performance of the device makes it superior in terms of quality for its cheap cost.

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    Product Description:

    The BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System: G2S A20 is an innovative device created to meet the needs of individuals suffering from sleep-related disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This CPAP machine delivers continuous airflow at a set pressure to keep airways open while sleeping – effectively preventing breathing interruptions during restful and uninterrupted restful slumber. Its user-friendly design allows for restful and uninterrupted slumber.


    Key Features of RESmart Auto CPAP System:


    Auto-Adjusting Pressure Settings: The RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20 features auto-adjusting pressure settings that adapt to your breathing patterns throughout the night to provide optimal air pressure levels for maintaining open airways and avoiding sleep disruptions.

    User-Friendly Interface: The device features an intuitive LCD screen and controls, making it simple to set up and customize therapy settings as needed. Plus, you can monitor progress easily while making necessary changes as needed.

    Data Storage Capabilities: Your CPAP machine provides data storage capabilities that enable you to track your therapy progress over time and can be shared with healthcare providers for effective treatment management.

    Quiet Operation: This device runs quietly to create an ideal sleeping environment for users and their partners.

    Compact and Portable: With its lightweight yet portable design, the RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20 makes therapy accessible at home and while travelling throughout the UAE. You’ll enjoy effective therapy treatment when relaxing at home or exploring.

    Product Specifications: 

    For Pressure Range 4-20 cm H2O: This specification provides four-20 cm water pressure.

    Ramp Time: 0-59 Minutes (adjustable).

    Data Storage: SD card (up to one year of therapy data).

    Dimensions: 220 mm in Height and 194mm in Width by 112mm in Depth.

    Weight: 1.5 kg (3.31 lbs). Power Supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz Universal power supply for use in UAE.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


    Q1: Can the BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System assist in treating sleep-related disorders such as OSA?
    A1: The BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System – G2S A20 is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine designed to deliver continuous positive airway pressure while sleeping, helping individuals with sleep-related disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) by keeping their airways open during restful slumber and preventing breathing interruptions from taking place during sleep time.

    Q2: What benefits does the Auto-adjusting Pressure Feature of RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20 bring CPAP users?
    A2: The RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20’s Auto-Adjust Pressure feature adjusts according to each user’s breathing pattern throughout the night to deliver optimal air pressure levels, improving therapy efficacy and comfort.

    Q3: Can this CPAP machine allow me to monitor my therapy progress over time?
    A3: Absolutely. Its data storage features allow you to monitor your treatment progress and share this information with healthcare providers as needed to ensure a practical experience.

    Q4: Can the RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20 be used while travelling within the UAE?
    A4: Its compact and portable design makes it suitable for individuals requiring CPAP therapy at home and while travelling within UAE borders. Plus, its universal power supply ensures compatibility!

    Q5: How can the quiet operation of this CPAP machine benefit both users and their partners?
    A5: This device operates quietly to create a peaceful sleeping environment for both individuals involved, allowing both individuals to have restful nights without disruptions or disturbances.

    Q6: What comes with my purchase of RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20?
    A6: You’ll receive everything necessary for effective CPAP therapy when purchasing this machine: the device itself, power cord, SD card for data storage purposes and user manual – everything necessary for effective therapy is included with this CPAP machine.

    Q7: Can I purchase replacement parts for the RESmart Auto CPAP G2S A20 in the UAE?
    A7: Yes, replacement parts such as masks and filters for this CPAP machine are readily available here in Dubai to ensure practical therapy sessions.


    BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System G2S A20 is an innovative CPAP machine designed to provide effective and comfortable therapy for individuals suffering from sleep-related disorders in the UAE at Astromed. Boasting auto-adjusting pressure settings, a user-friendly interface, data management capabilities and portability, it offers a comprehensive solution for restful, uninterrupted slumber – so say goodbye to sleep disruptions and fatigue while reaping its many rewards with this advanced CPAP system!

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