BMC F2 Full Face Mask


BMC F2 Full Face Mask 

  • The BMC F2 Full Face Mask is a top-of-the-line respiratory mask designed for individuals who require reliable and comfortable CPAP therapy. 
  • With its advanced features and innovative design, this mask delivers superior performance and a comfortable fit, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.
  • The mask’s dual-wall cushion is made from soft silicone, which conforms to the contours of the face for a personalized fit, and helps to prevent skin irritation and pressure points. 
  • The cushion is also detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain. 
  • The mask’s forehead pad is adjustable, providing a customizable fit that minimizes leaks and ensures comfort during sleep.
  • The BMC F2 is incredibly user-friendly, with an easy-to-use quick-release mechanism that allows users to remove the mask quickly and easily without disturbing the headgear or requiring readjustment. 
  • The mask’s exhalation port is located on the elbow, reducing noise and draft and making it easier for users to breathe comfortably.
  • The mask’s headgear is made from high-quality materials. 
  • It is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit that minimizes pressure points and ensures a reliable seal throughout the night. 
  • The headgear is adjustable and easily customized to fit any head size and shape.

Benefits of the BMC F2 Mask 

  • A vital benefit of the BMC F2 Mask is its compatibility with a wide range of CPAP machines, making it an excellent choice for individuals who may switch machines or have multiple machines. 
  • Additionally, the mask is incredibly light weight and easy to wear, ensuring good comfort and minimal disruption to sleep.
  • In terms of maintenance, the BMC F2 Mask is simple and easy to clean. 
  • The mask’s cushion, headgear, and tubing can all be easily removed and cleaned with soap and water, and the mask’s frame can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Its advanced features, including a customizable fit, easy-to-use quick-release mechanism, and compatibility with a wide range of CPAP machines, make it one of the market’s most comfortable and user-friendly masks. 
  • With its exceptional performance and reliable seal, the BMC F2 Full Face Mask invests in better sleep and health.
  • Fewer parts
  • Friendly operation
  • Extreme lightweight provides maximum comfort.


Product Description

  • Infinity Seal cushion provides a superior seal in any airflow pressure setting, keeping noise to just 21 decibels – less than a whisper!
  • Magnetic clips require just two snaps; your mask is either on or off!
  • A soft, flexible frame offers you added ease.
  • Quick-release elbows enable you to be up at night without removing your mask and disturbing others.

Product Details

  • Brand Name: BMC
  • Item Type: Sleep & Snoring
  • Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O
  • Work Mode: CPAP
  • Material: Mask
  • Type: CPAP
  • Color Options Available: White 
  • Application Available for Connect – CPAP
  • Manufacturer Certified CE FDA ISO

Accessories: Headgear and User Manual

Humanized design and ease-of-use features, promise you a gentle therapy experience and sweet night sleep.


  • Less parts
  • Friendly operation
  • Extreme lightweight provides maximum comfort




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