Medical Equipment Rental in UAE – Benefits to Consider

Medical Equipment Rental in UAE - Benefits to Consider
  • Medical equipment rental has recently become popular in the UAE healthcare industry. 
  • When equipping your healthcare facility with the necessary medical equipment, deciding whether to buy the equipment yourself or rent it is essential. 
  • While owning the equipment may be a good option in certain situations, you may need to know all the benefits of renting medical equipment. 
  • In this blog, we will explore why renting this equipment could be the ideal solution for various facilities—AstromedUAE rents various equipment daily, weekly, and even monthly
  • You can choose from a variety of items.
  • Renting medical equipment offers several advantages over buying from a retailer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits.

Advantages of medical equipment rental in the UAE:


  • One of the main advantages of renting medical equipment in the UAE is cost savings. 
  • Medical equipment can be expensive to purchase, but by renting equipment, your business or practice can save money and reduce the financial burden of buying equipment that is only needed for a short period.


  • One of the most significant benefits of renting medical equipment is its versatility. 
  • Medical equipment needs constantly change, and renting equipment allows users to adapt quickly without paying for the stress of purchasing new equipment.

Get the latest technology.

  • In a world where medical technology changes rapidly, equipment rental gives you access to the latest tools without incurring significant costs. 
  • By renting equipment, you can keep up with the competition and provide your patients with the best quality of care.

Repairs and Maintenance 

  • Medical equipment rentals generally eliminate this burden by reducing the time and cost and eliminating the need for repairs or maintenance. 
  • It can save you time and money, as it means less hassle for the person renting the equipment from rental companies.

Are there items available for rent in Dubai?

Why choose rental and second-hand products?

  • Several benefits can be gained by renting second-hand or second-use medical equipment, including.
  • Testing newer technologies before making a financial commitment is possible.
  • You can limit the loss of services that are important to you.
  • Improving your practice’s reputation by working in a healthcare facility is possible.
  • In addition to the many other benefits, renting or buying used equipment allows users to save money, become cost efficient and maintain pocket-friendly prices.

What are the advantages of renting a patient lift?

  • Patients are lifted with a patient lift to move them from one place to another (e.g., from bathroom to bed or from chair to gurney). 
  • They are different from stair elevators or elevator elevators. Patient lifts are powered by hand or by a power source. 
  • Rechargeable batteries are usually the power source for the models’ slings, and manual models are powered by hydraulics.
  • Patient lifts may have a mast (the vertical bar that is inserted into the base) and an extension boom (a bar that extends over the patient), and spreader bar (suspended from the wreckage), as well as a sling (attached to the spreader bar and specifically designed to support the patient) and, depending on the brand, several latches or clips (used to secure the sling).

Drive Devilbiss 10-litre oxygen concentrator Rental

  • Drive Devilbiss is a trusted name in the medical equipment field known for its oxygen concentrators of the highest quality that are durable and effective.
  • Renting a Drive Devilbiss 10-litre oxygen concentrator could be the best option for oxygen therapy.
    Our trusted rentals provide Drive Devilbiss oxygen concentrators with a 10-litre capacity to rent, offering you the highest-quality equipment to help you breathe more comfortably.
  • We offer a rental option that is flexible, cost-effective, and easy, and we to providing our clients with the best service and assistance.
  • The Drive Devilbiss 10-litre oxygen concentrator is a powerful machine created to ensure a steady and reliable oxygen supply.
  • With a flow of oxygen at 96%, this unit is ideal for patients who require an increased flow of oxygen.
    It is light and mobile, making it simple to transfer from the room or to take for travel.
  • If you lease a Drive Devilbiss 10-litre oxygen concentrator from us, you’ll be sure to receive top-quality equipment that has been checked and tested for reliability and safety.

How can renting a wheelchair in the UAE be beneficial?

  • Renting a wheelchair is not only practical but also an economical option. In certain circumstances, renting a wheelchair can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 
  • If you decide to rent a wheelchair instead of buying it, you can return it when you no longer need it.
  • Family members and friends may use a wheelchair for various reasons. 
  • Wheelchairs can be helpful for more severe accidents and illnesses such as paraplegia, spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy, as well as for recovering an injured leg.
  • AstromedUAE Mobility has a wide range of wheelchairs to meet the needs of many people who require a wheelchair for their daily tasks. 
  • We offer basic manual wheelchairs that need to be pulled by another person or transported by the person using them.
  • There are also electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs that do not require manual guidance and are controlled by an electronic joystick attached to the arm of the wheelchair. 
  • Electric motors drive them.

Portable Ventilator For Rental

  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals face tremendous pressure when providing ventilators to patients suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • With the rapid proliferation of COVID-19 worldwide, the demand for ventilators has increased dramatically, placing an undue burden on healthcare facilities and hospitals.
  • Portable ventilator rentals can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for respiratory care. 
  • Renting allows access to life-saving equipment without creating an unnecessary financial burden.

What are the advantages of renting a motorcycle?

  • Mobility scooters, also called electric scooters, have changed the lives of people with mobility impairments. 
  • In terms of function, the mobility aid is comparable to the wheelchair.
  • However, it is more suitable for people with mobility impairments because it is motorized or powered. 
  • Before purchasing one, ensure you know what it can do and how to use it. 
  • One of the most significant advantages of scooters is the greater freedom for seniors and people with mobility issues.
  • Unlike wheelchairs that can only be propelled by manual power, scooters allow you to move faster. 
  • Aside from the speed you can move, mobility scooters are famous for their ease of use and comfort.
  • Another significant advantage of scooters is their mobility. 
  • Mobility scooters have an easy-to-use steering system, larger seating areas, and adjustable armrests.

How can you rent CPM?

  • After surgery, a continuous active motion device (CPM) enables joint movement. 
  • After surgery, you can use the CPM machine for joints such as the hip or knee. Using the CPM device can help increase the range of motion. 
  • However, there is no definitive evidence that it allows the recovery process. For this reason, it is normal for a doctor or surgeon to advise against using the device. 
  • Therefore, renting it is an ideal option. This way, determining how functional or suitable the device is in the affected area is possible.

What are the benefits of renting a walker for a person?

  • Patients recovering from back or leg problems use a walker. 
  • It is also widely used by people with difficulty walking or mild balance problems.
  • A walker is a mobility aid for people who can still walk but need assistance (e.g., not wheelchairs). 
  • It is a frame with four legs that a person can lean on for stability, support, and relaxation.
  • Walkers are usually made of metal, making them easy to touch and move. 
  • They are generally equipped with gel, foam, or rubber grips that increase the user’s comfort.

Would you consider renting crutches?

  • Forearm crutches are walking aids that increase a person’s support area. 
  • They shift weight from the leg muscles to the upper body. 
  • They are typically used by people who cannot support themselves with their legs alone (e.g., short-term injuries or permanent disabilities).
  • Crutches are sometimes needed when a patient has one of the following conditions:
  • Loss of use of one of their legs (injured or amputated.) ).
  •  If you need help with balance and strength.

What are the benefits of renting medical beds?

  • Different models of beds have different levels of functionality. 
  • However, most hospital beds are capable of moving in different ways. 
  • If your loved one’s stability or mobility is compromised, ensure their feet are securely on the floor before they attempt to get up. 
  • The bed in a hospital can be raised or lowered to help your loved one stand safely. Hospital beds allow for the safe use of walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Hospital beds allow you to put your head up and relax your body. 
  • Hospital beds can be adjusted to provide the right sleeping environment for people with difficulty sleeping on flat mattresses. 
  • For health reasons, patients may need to elevate their legs or feet. Get a hospital bed for quick access and short-term use.

How can rollator rentals help you?

  • Rollators are often overlooked when looking for a mobility aid, yet they are valuable and affordable for people with disabilities. 
  • They are a good alternative when buying mobility aids for your loved one or yourself.
  • Most people considering buying a rollator do not realize you can put your feet on it for comfort and stability. 
  • They are essential in public areas like shopping malls because they allow customers to rest from shopping and relax on their feet. 
  • They are adjustable in height, easy to move, and enable you to move around. Therefore, renting them can be extremely useful.

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