Bi-level device with S/T mode and target tidal volume feature intended to provide non-invasive ventilation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Insufficiency patients. Optimize IPAP according to mean Vt of last 5 breathings and prescribed Target Vt. Larger difference between mean Vt and target Vt takes more evident adjustment in IPAP. Auto Bipap Rental / Bpap st Rental.

Astromeduae is a leading medical equipment rental service in the UAE with a broad selection of reliable and high-quality equipment for various medical requirements.

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP) devices are utilized to treat sleep apnea, an illness in which a person’s breathing ceases and resumes when they sleep. BIPAP-ST/AVAPS is the most advanced version of BIPAP that provides a more customized treatment option for complex sleep apnea. In this post, we’ll examine the rental options provided through Astromeduae, located in UAE, and how these services could help patients and healthcare professionals.


BIPAP-ST/AVAPS is a specialized version of BIPAP that uses advanced technology to provide more individualized treatment for patients suffering from complex sleep apnea. ST means Spontaneous Timed. The machine detects patients’ breathing rhythms and then delivers air by them. AVAPS is Average Volume Assured Pressure Support, meaning that the machine regulates the pressure by the patient’s breathing rate to ensure they get the correct quantity of air at the right moment.

Advantages of BIPAP/AVAPS Rent from Astromeduae

  1. Top-quality equipment: Astromeduae ensures that BIPAP-ST/AVAPS equipment is maintained and maintained regularly, offering patients high-quality and durable equipment.
  2. Individualized Care: BIPAP/ST/AVAPS provides more personalized treatment to patients suffering from complex sleep apnea to ensure they get the correct amount of air at the appropriate time.
  3. Technical Assistance: Astromeduae offers technical and patient assistance to ensure they feel at ease with the equipment and can resolve any issue.
  4. Affordable Astromeduae’s rental options provide an affordable option for those who require the device for a brief period or aren’t able to purchase one for themselves.
  5. Affordable Delivery and Pickup Astromeduae provides the convenience of pickup and delivery, which makes it easy for patients to access essential equipment.


Astromeduae’s BIPAP/AVAPS rental services in the UAE provide an affordable and reliable option for patients requiring customized treatment for their complex sleep apnea. By utilizing the most advanced technology and top-quality equipment, patients can receive the correct dose of fresh air at the right moment, ensuring a great night’s rest and a better quality of life. Contact Astromeduae now to find out how they can help you rent offerings and begin renting.


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