FOFO Alternating Bubble Mattress/Alpha Bed with Electric Pump for Bedsores


Medical alternating pressure air bubble mattress with pump anti-bedsore air mattress. It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement.

The Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System with Low Air Loss by FOFO provides alternating pressure and is designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of Pressure Ulcers. The bubble pad provides superior therapeutic treatment alternating which of the 130 individual bubble cells are inflated or deflated every 5 minutes, never placing too much pressure on any affected area. The variable pressure, 5-6 LPM (litres per minute) pump produces a consistent air flow, adjustable pressure, and its quiet technology alternately inflates and deflates the pads air cells




Item: KY-A

Item: HF6001
Power Supply: 110V/220V/50-60Hz

Standard Size:200cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 7.0cm(H);

Smaller Size: 190cm(L) x 82cm(W) x 7.0cm(H)

Air Output: 5-7liter/min.

130 Bubble with End Cells

Pressure Range: 50mmHg – 110 mmHg

Accessories: End Flaps, Repair Kit, Hose 1.5M
Cycle Time: 12 Min.

Material: Medical Class Taiwan Nanya PVC

Power Consumption: 7 W

PVC thickness: 0.3 mm K80

Fuse: 1A

Colour: Beige, Blue, Green

Size: 23.5(L) x 12(W) x9.5 (H)cm

Mattress weight: 2.2-2.5kg

Weight: 1.4 Kg

Weight Capacity: 120-130kg



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